Dr. Ann Forisha Thiel, Ph.D
Dr. Bill Forisha, Ph.D
Aissa Wayne, Esq.

Welcome to our TEAM

Dr. Ann Forisha Thiel, Ph.D is the CEO of Mindful Marital Marathons and Bay Cities Family Therapy for Underachieving Children.

A clinical psychologist, marriage & family therapist, researcher, writer, media personality, and chairperson of Malibu Global Awareness (support organization for Doctors Without Borders), Dr. Thiel created the Mindful Marriage seminar Institute to help advance her profession.

She hopes you will join our team at our next Seminar.

Dr. Bill Forisha and Aissa Wayne, Esq. join her in presenting compelling Mindful Marriage Conflict Resolution Workshops.

Dr. Thiel's brother, Dr. Bill Forisha, has worked with her for 35 years in marathon couples therapy - go HERE for more information.

Aissa Wayne, Esq. and Dr. Thiel have also worked together for 20 years, helping couples navigate high conflict separations and divorces.

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